Prettig (Dutch)[preht-tihg] adjective


Commonly used to convey confidence or the sense that something is as good as it can be.


The numbers are prettig.


A preconstruction partner for a modern industry.

As an independent consultant to the construction industry, my expertise is on the critical early stages of projects, where the greatest opportunity to set a positive trajectory exists. I focus on three core areas: creating a proactive business development mindset, training best in class preconstruction focused leaders or teams, from GC to design consultants, and in strategic consulting in the critical zone.

By introducing perspective gained from more than 25 years in both Colorado and International markets, Prettig ensures early focus stays on making sound decisions in the areas with the highest impact to your project and your vision.

Business Support Services

Critical Zone support in the development stage reduces latent inefficiencies by guiding stakeholders to maximize strategic preconstruction insights when they have the greatest impact. 


“Your project will benefit from an unfettered perspective and fully transparent guidance.”


Examples of services and insights could include:

  • Development of conceptual project construction budget and schedule
  • Experienced general contractor insight into project constructability and site selection
  • Development, support, and coordination of design consultant and general contractor RFPs
  • Advice on contract delivery method
  • Link with trade partner and consultant networks
  • Preliminary research on systems and products

For General Contractors, accelerating the performance level of your preconstruction department can reap significant benefits for your business. Excellence in preconstruction is a key differentiator in the market. For Design Partners, insight into how general contractors think and a broader perspective of the construction process can enable you to have greater agency over your role and contribution to the project.

“Outstanding preconstruction is more than just providing estimates at key milestones.’’

Areas of training focus include:

  • Target value design and budgeting concepts
  • Flexibility between contract delivery methods
  • Trade partner and consultant procurement strategies
  • Decision and communication planning and tools to ensure team alignment

Acquisition of clients and projects, and longevity of relationships and growth depends on a business development focus.



“Core to a strong business development plan is the fundamental perspective of prioritizing an understanding of client business needs against the landscape in which these needs will manifest.”


Business development services incorporate both consulting and hands-on planning for a variety of activities that embody a robust program.

These can include:

  • Thoughtfully planned targeted project pursuits and presentations
  • Engaging with potential clients before a project exists
  • Projecting market trends to create or drive a market presence
  • Thought leadership in areas of interest

Education and Thought Leadership

New approaches to preconstruction, informed by real world learning and academic study are critical to the survivability and advancement of the construction market. Historically the preconstruction industry has lagged in adopting innovation. Yet, the world is changing, and larger or more complex markets are shifting their practices and approach. Moving the needle more broadly is a passion. This commitment underlies both my professional work and my community engagement.


My emphasis is on the following to support a thriving industry:

  • Moderating panels and facilitating discussions
  • Benchmarking preconstruction techniques
  • University guest lecturing and student mentorship
  • Serving on University Academic Advisory Boards
  • Continuing Education Credit content development

I believe

The construction industry can be fun.

What we do is amazing. People coming together to conceive, design, and build a facility for use by humans. Each project is a prototype and product of that team effort.


Value can be created through active communication and thoughtful process. Prettig brings the capability to act as a guardian of ideas, budgets, schedules, desires, and hopes for commercial building projects. Ensuring all stakeholders are informed, engaged, and aligned is a measure of success.


The need for outstanding preconstruction services is easy to spot and hard to deliver. Experience, study, continued drive towards a better practice and flexibility are all required.


People build buildings. All the technology in the world does not take away the simple truth that people are how and why buildings come to be.


Lifelong learning is a prerequisite for leadership.

David Sharrock, DBIA

Preconstruction Strategic Partner | Thought Leader | Educator