Prettig (Dutch)[preht-tihg] adjective


Commonly used to convey confidence or the sense that something is as good as it can be.


The numbers are prettig.

Why Prettig

Preconstruction partner for the modern industry

The greatest opportunity to establish a successful trajectory for your project is through efficient and clear communication throughout the design phase and preconstruction process.  Largely homogenized, with flat tools, dense spreadsheets, and inattention to stakeholders’ concerns, the standard preconstruction approach fails to enable strategic thinking.  In contrast, Prettig applies thoughtful methodology to preconstruction, using tailored tools and visual communication models that drive rigorous and informed discussions, supporting clear and timely decisions. Introducing perspective gained from more than 25 years in both Colorado and international markets, Prettig’s unique take on a traditional owner’s representation role facilitates focus on the underserved earliest phases of projects. 


Prettig provides both consulting services and training using a time-tested toolkit of proprietary concepts and graphical representations that are unique and customized to your project – saving time, costs, and frustrations. 

How Can I Help?


Whether filling a bandwidth gap or looking for perspective from a preconstruction focused professional, Prettig offers services to enhance projects and project teams.

Prettig’s emphasis is on the following to support your business objectives:

  • Master planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Critical Zone support
  • Project development
  • Cost indexing
  • Preconstruction team advisement
  • Business development approaches enhanced by outstanding  preconstruction
  • Interview team support
  • Project and customer win strategies
  • Preconstruction support for targeted efforts
  • Project logistical planning
  • Project budget development
  • Project schedule planning
  • Development, support, and coordination of design consultant and
         general contractor RFPs

What is the Critical Zone?

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Leveraging new approaches to preconstruction, informed by real world learning and academic study, are critical to the survivability and advancement of the construction market. Historically the preconstruction industry has lagged in adopting innovation. Yet, the world is changing, and larger or more complex construction markets are shifting their practices and approach. A commitment to move the needle more broadly underscores Pretting’s focus on education, thought leadership, training, and community engagement.

Prettig’s training and facilitation emphasis is on the following:

  • Moderating panels and facilitating discussions
  • Benchmarking preconstruction techniques
  • Target value design and budgeting concepts
  • Flexibility between contract delivery methods
  • Continuous improvement of preconstruction techniques 
  • Trade partner and consultant procurement strategies
  • Communication planning and tools to ensure team alignment
  • Continuing Education Credit content development

Services are designed to support:

  • Preconstruction focused team members
  • Design professionals
  • Developing companies
  • University facilities and students
  • AEC membership organizations (i.e., AGC, AIA, DBIA)



• Higher Education

+ Labs + research
+ Auditorium and performing arts
+ Classroom
+ Healthcare services
+ Campus infrastructure

• Office

+ Downtown development
+ Core and shell
+ Tenant finishes

• Public

+ Libraries
+ Museums


• Industrial
• Scientific + Lab
• Healthcare
• Cultural + Performing arts
• Hospitality
• Sports

What I believe

The construction industry can be fun.

People build buildings. All the technology in the world does not take away the simple truth that people are how and why buildings come to be.

Effective communication requires a common language.  With the dynamic nature of construction projects, including a wide variety of stakeholders and decision makers at the outset, the need for a common language is amplified.

Value is created. As the custodian of ideas, budgets, schedules, desires, and hopes for commercial building projects, the value of excellent preconstruction services is measurable.

Easy to spot and hard to deliver. Every developer, owner, project manager, architect, and engineer have experienced this.  Good preconstruction service is notable and requires diligence.

What we do is amazing. People coming together to conceive, design, and build a facility for use by humans. Each project is a prototype and product of that team effort.

What Happend?

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System Costs

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Impact on the Project

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Target Value Budgeting

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David Sharrock, DBIA

Preconstruction Strategic Partner | Thought Leader | Educator